Stage Director

The Chamber Opera of USC
Spring 2019

Michele Patzakis, Stage Director

Barry Tan, Musical Director

Starring: Katharine Bartosz, Iris Becaj, Ben Cross,  Geovanna Flores, Alec Fore, Claudia Giugni, Blake Stevenson and a special cameo appearance by Allen Pearcy Galeana

The Chamber Opera of USC
Spring 2018

Michele Patzakis, Stage Director

Daniel Faltus, Musical Director

Starring: Allen Pearcy Galeana, Maria Ines Echeverria, Luke McCarthy, Ben Cross, Iris Becaj, Emily Summers, Erik Mosteller, Justin Schulsohn, Aidan Moravec, Sophia Spirus, Maura Tuffy, and Yidu Sun


I was thrilled when I found out that Michele was going to be again TCO stage director this Spring. I absolutely love working with her because she is always well prepared and knows exactly what she wants from either an individual or a group in terms of portraying a character on the stage. She always  has an idea of what essentially an individual is capable of doing; therefore, she takes you out of your comfort zone and makes sure to bring out the best in you, which will complete not only your character performance but you as a singer as well. – Iris Becaj

Working with Michele is a dream, she is dedicated to getting the most out of the pieces she is working on and brings so much energy and focus to the rehearsal room when she directs.  Working under her direction I have felt supported and guided, but always free to do my own exploring within a character.  She finds a great balance of bringing her own vision to life without micromanaging or suffocating the artistry of her performers.  I’d love love to work with Michele much more!- Geovanna Flores

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